The Beginnings of Country Herbals-My Story

Hi you fellow soap junkies.  I am Lauren Leonard, the owner of Country Herbals.  We have been blogging for a while under but we are starting a new format that we hope you enjoy.  We want to provide you with more in depth knowledge about natural skin care, soaps, and herbal remedies so that you can become hooked on all the fantastic things that nature has to offer.  I have been operating Country Herbals in Vero Beach, Fl since 2008 after purchasing the company from Country Herbals by Andrea.  Andrea was a nurse from Germany who learned many of these amazing recipes from her Grandmother.  The company started after Andrea’s son was plagued with skin problems and the only solution was to make Goat’s Milk Soap the way her Grandmother had taught her.  Her son’s skin condition cleared up instantly and her friends and family were constantly asking her for this fabulous soap.  Shortly after this, Country Herbals became an official business and has been thriving ever since.  I have a Masters’s Degree in Microbiology with a focus on Immunology so I quickly became interested in natural, healthy products after graduate school.  I started purchasing products from Country Herbals and in 2008 purchased the entire company from Andrea.  We have been utilizing these amazing recipes, natures awesome ingredients and my knowledge to take Country Herbals to the next level.  I believe that everything we need to be healed and live a healthy life are provided in nature.  Now that we have so much technology at our fingertips, it is endless what we can do with a few amazing ingredients and a little knowledge and skill.  We at Country Herbals want to provide natural, safe, effective, healthy, satisfying and luxurious skin care products and herbal remedies for your every day life.

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Stay Healthy and Happy,

Lauren Leonard/Country Herbals

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