Breath Easy

Lauren and sinus oil


I was busy at work filling a custom order for a wholesale customer for Sinus Oil and Breathe Easy Spray and thought that I needed to share this great combination of products from our Herbal Remedy Collection with you.  Especially since my youngest is home from school with a case of the sniffles.  I better get home and share this with him too.

Breath Happy Special

The perfect pairing of products from our Herbal Remedy selection to breath easy and clear up your sinuses.  With all of the sinus infections circulating around this year we thought you might benefit from this special.  The Sinus Oil will help to liquefy and drain sinuses.  The tea tree oil begins to heal your sinuses while providing an anti-microbial barrier.  The Breathe Easy Spray is part of our Baby Aromatherapy product line and provides that soothing, clarifying component needed when suffering from a cold and stuffy nose.  Smells clean and fresh and instantly opens up your sinuses.  $18.00 value for only $13.99


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